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Redeem The Heart aims to foster inner freedom, so that every person can see their self-worth, reach their potential and live a life of purpose and fullness. To grow a community of women who support each other, learn from one another, and journey together towards their purpose.


All speaking engagements and retreats are for middle school students up to adulthood. These are all inclusive events for both men and women; these are meant for every walk of life.


Meet Ashley

Never Too Far Gone

I draw influence from a number of sources: my own life, my experience ministering to the youth and young adults, and my time spent in the field of social work. By advising others with mentorship and coaching, assisting with developing practical skills and personalized plans, and cultivating a community of like minded individuals, I seek to witness a community of women transform into their best self, to live in greatness.

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Ashley Marie Podcast.

Coming soon. Yes, we are being serious. You should be there.

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What they're saying

Ashley Vaeth is a radiant, bright caring woman of faith. She is a beacon of hope shining the light of Christ in a dark

world. She spoke at Adelphi University as well as Long Island University and left the students encouraged and inspired with tools to carry with them. She is a gifted speaker and a light in the world.

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