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White Silk


June of 2019 was when I experienced my reversion. I always loved Jesus. But there is a difference between loving Jesus and laying down your life at the cross, handing your whole heart over to him. 


I had just left an unhealthy relationship. A relationship that broke me. I struggled to fully love myself. I signed up to volunteer at a Life Teen conference hoping to be renewed by the Holy Spirit.


I remember arriving. I went straight to Mass and saw that Confession was being offered. I had not Confessed in years and knew that I desperately needed it. Later that night I helped to encourage young students on the Confession line. I was to get them excited to receive the sacrament and provide counsel for anyone that needed it. Multiple young girls came to me in tears, sharing their brokenness, a brokenness I recognized.

I knew what God was doing. He was using my story, my past that he so lovingly redeemed to help other young women. I believe that was the start to my ministry. 


I was broken, yet redeemed, helping women experience the same. Not having a young mentor in my walk towards overcoming my suffering was hard. Through this, the Lord convicted me of the importance of mentorship, and showed me a glimpse of how he wants to use me.  


At this conference, I experienced Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. My life changed that night. 


The memory is still vivid. I was in Eucharistic Adoration. The Priest walked through the aisle holding the monstrance.  He passed me. Overwhelmed, I began to shake. Then, I began to cry. I was unsure of what I just witnessed. I only knew that Jesus was present. Since that day, I knew the Catholic Church is Truth. Once I came to know the Eucharist, everything else about our faith made sense.


Call me Ash; Jesus inspires all that I do. I am a social butterfly and love to care for people; I want others to know their value. My goal is to help others heal, to find freedom through reconciling their experiences, and fulfilling their aspirations. 

I draw influence from a number of sources: my own life, my experience ministering to the youth and young adults, and my time spent in the field of social work. By advising others with mentorship and coaching, assisting with developing practical skills and personalized plans, and cultivating a community of like minded individuals, I seek to witness a community of women transform into their best self, to live in greatness. I have a passion to serve young women and help to show them the redemptive power of Christ. 

It is never too late 

for a new beginning,

you are never too far gone.

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