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Vision Statement

To foster inner freedom, so that every person can see their self-worth, reach their potential and live a life of purpose and fullness. To grow a community of women who support each other, learn from one another, and journey together towards their purpose.

Mission Statement

Negative self image, unhealed brokenness, and dysregulation serve as barriers to our greatest potential. At 'Redeem the Heart,' we desire for you to receive the support and skills necessary to transform. It is never too late for a new beginning. You are never too far gone.

The Beginning.


Growing up with ADHD, school was difficult. Most children look forward to going to school everyday. I dreaded it.  Every year, I hoped someone in school would believe in my potential and every year, I was disappointed. My struggles with learning and my lack of support, led me to a path of crippling anxiety and insecurity. In my early adulthood, my anxiety exacerbated and caused me frequent panic. By the grace of God, prayer, and developing coping skills, it was overcome. I desire to be the support that I needed growing up. Others may not see your potential, you may not see your potential, but I do, and I desire to help you plant the seeds needed for you to flourish into who you were purposefully designed to be. 


After giving therapy for two years during my time in graduate school, I experienced the gift of witnessing others journey towards growth and healing. Being able to journey with others and help guide and support them is something God has placed in my heart and I believe He brought me to social work to show me a glimpse of His vision for me. 


Although I loved giving therapy, God showed me that he was calling me to a mission outside of a private practice. Effective mental health treatment involves utilizing specific modalities that are ideal for each client and as such, I can and will implement different practices, the specifics of which will be determined after an initial evaluation and throughout the continuation of our work together. Having a background in mental health is useful to the coaching process because I have hands-on experience and training regarding effective communication, goal setting, growth, healing and when it is necessary to be referred to other needed services.

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